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How to pass an interview
We would like to give you some advice on how to pass an interview successfully at Vargas and to make a good impression:

Don’t be late
The interview time is known in advance. It is unacceptable to be late. Therefore, you should arrive at least 5-7 minutes before the time of your interview. If you are unable to attend the interview on time, please ensure that you contact us and advise us to your reasons and if necessary, we will consider whether we can postpone the interview for a later date. If you have fallen ill prior to the date of the interview and this has continued, we would strongly recommend you to advise us in advance.
Please remember that in order to pass your interview successfully, it is possible that you will have to meet with several managers of different levels. The dress code is standard office wear.

During the interview
You’ve been invited for the interview. It means that your experience and your skill set is relevant for the position. Please be advised that you will be required to discuss aspects of the position and your experience and skill set but you may also be required to discuss topics such as about your family, hobbies, career, cause of dismissal, friends and even weather.
When speaking about your skills, please only advise us about your personal achievements that would directly relate to the position you have applied for and any other significant information that would be applicable. In order to be successful in your interview, please ensure that you are fully prepared and behave naturally.
Your statements should be short and exact as you will not be required to go into in depth details.
At the end of the interview, please feel free to ask questions directly related to the position for which you have applied.