Attention! We receive a quantity of complaints from patients about impossibility to purchase our products for the treatment of Hepatitis C due to high cost. We are socially-oriented company and we decided to choose every month 50 new patients and provide them with our medicines absolutely free. If you are in desperate need of treatment, […]

Product verification is our new option

Beginning from January of 2016 there has been implemented on our website a new option allowing patients to check originality of the products. It is enough to enter batch number stated on the product package here and you can get information about the product – product name, manufacturing date and expiry date. We trust the new […]

Vargas Pharmaceutical and environment

Vargas Pharmaceutical S.A.  company’s activity in the field of rare animals population growth and preservation in 2015 was highly appreciate as corresponding with modern needs of Venezuela in the field of biological diversity protection. We are planning to expand activity of the company’s division responsible for keeping and developing of farms and conservation areas according […]


Vargas Pharmaceutical S.A.  company has already been entering upon 3rd phase of clinical trial of a new drug for the treatment of Alzheimer disease. We believe in successful end of the study and ensuing registration of the new drug which allows improving patienthood significantly.  

New factory

We are glad to report that Vargas Pharmaceutical S.A.   has been starting  to erect a new factory building in suburb of Bratislava,  Slovakia. The new factory will produce more than 160 items of products which are in high demand among Eastern Europe patients.

Our company’s new office

We are pleased to inform you that a new office was opened in the capital of Norway, Oslo. We hope due to its operation Vargas Pharmaceutical company’s products will achieve a strong position in Nordic countries drugstores and patients will appreciate high quality of our products at a price affordable to everyone.