Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility is a combination of corporate management, moral ethics and a responsible way of doing business. We always consider the social and ecological effect on the company as well as our impact on society when making a decision.
Corporate social responsibility of our company is based on 4 key objectives: patient, ethics, personnel and society, ecology. We are convinced that the stable development of our company, in the long-term, depends on how each of us takes responsibility for our decisions and actions.
Vargas has a socially conscious position. The company continues to involve itself with leading scientific communities helping to organise numerous educational programmes for doctors and social programmes for patients. Free allocation of pharmaceuticals, budgeting of educational and scientific programmes and the building of medical facilities are only some of the real actions in which we help our patients get access to quality health care and to resolve global problems of health care often faced in modern day society.
By developing partnerships with the other pharmaceutical companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, Vargas aims to provide continued shipping of pharmaceutical products to patients all over the world and to help those in need, regardless of their monetary status.