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Vargas’ products are sold in 37 countries. In 2014, our annual sales were 450’000’000 units, with more than 83% of the total sales came from Central and Southern America. Our scientific and production base consists of five factories which produce finished dosage forms and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), a scientific research centre and two hatcheries. Additionally, over 3,100 specialists work in the company.
All manufacturing lines work in accordance with GMP standards (Good Manufacturing practice) and national health organizations.
Today, Vargas produces over 255 medicines in 382 pharmaceutical forms. 124 of them are sold as prescription products and 131 are OTC medicines, where no prescription is required, which include pharmaceuticals and nutritionals medicine.
Furthermore, Vargas also produces popular cosmetic items.
The expansion of products portfolio, geographic expansion, the utilization of new distribution channels and effective adaptable business methods allows Vargas to meet its basic target to enter the Top 3 of leading companies in all therapeutic fields in Central and Southern America.