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Privacy policy

Last update 01.12.2014


Vargas aims to respect your right to private life and we have developed privacy policy which gives you certain understating of our web-site and our treat of your personal information.
Our privacy policy is very absolutely clear – we don’t keep your personal information by means of this web-site unless you leave it yourself. By personal information we mean the info that helps us to identify you as an individual.
This info clarifies the conditions used to gather, use and protection of the personal data.
Using our web-site you agree to give your personal information for our further usage.

Types of info

We may collect and keep your personal data that you voluntarily provide upon registration on our web-site. When collecting and processing your personal data our goal is to personalize the info for you. If you ask us, we will use your personal info to provide you with an additional info that you may be interested in.

How do we use your personal info?

We don’t pass, lease out or sell your personal data. Nevertheless we can pass your personal info to other Vargas departments, our agents, contractors and business partners and in order to let them provide us with their service. For instance we can pass your personal info in the following cases:
– to our contractors (business partners who provide us with the technical support, delivery and finance).
– in case of sale, reassignment or other business assignation in respect of this web-site
– in case of any laws, court decisions and delegated legislation.
Moreover we use the personal data in order to get information about customer’s gender percentage or age range of our customers so we can update our web-site materials.
We can also provide our business partners or third parties with aggregative and statistic info so that this info cannot link to a personality.
With respect to company growth we can obtain and sell other companies, subsidiary companies, products and active assets. For these procedures we generally pass the personal data of our customers. We will take all the necessary actions to inform you in time in case any business changes happen. You will have a choice on whether you allow us to use you personal data in secondary targets.


Vargas thinks that providing your agreement is the main principle to reserve your privacy right. You always have your right not to provide us with your personal data however this won’t enable you to take part in all aspects of our web-site.


One of our main priorities is the security of the personal information of our customers and we take all the necessary action to provide it.
Vargas uses SSL technologies to protect the personal data messages. This way cyphers all the data before to pass it through the Internet.
Even though Vargas uses SSL technology to accomplish several tasks, we cannot guarantee full privacy of your personal information (including emails).
We protect your personal data from unauthorized access, saved on our servers using necessary technical methods of control.
Although Vargas uses instrument systems and procedures focused on the security of your personal data, we cannot guarantee that this will be full protection from computer hackers.

Saving your personal information

After you provide us with your personal data we keep it as long as necessary in order to provide you with the necessary service.
Cookies are small information messages that our web-sites can send to your browser and they’re used only by our websites when you enter these sites. Vargas web-site sends your browser cookies that contain unique identifier that helps in better understanding of our web-site user (for example, find out what pages of the website are more preferable amongst users).
If you wish just to look through the site content, you may not accept cookies. However if you would like to check in and use special web-site pages you should update your browser for these cookies. Otherwise your access to certain pages of the website will be limited. Most of the web-sites accept and save cookies on default. To get more info about cookies you can search for this info on the Internet using key-word “cookie”.

Using web-site materials

None of the info provided on this web-site will replace professional medical advice.


When using our web-site you have a possibility to apply for the job on a certain position in any departments of our company. If you wish to apply online, you will be asked to provide with your name/surname, address and email. Also you will be asked to provide the info about your education and work experience and to forward us your CV. We will use this data only to estimate your application for the certain position. We may keep your personal information up to 6 months in case we have an appropriate vacancy for you.