Myth and facts about generic drugs

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Myth № 1
There are several regulations that allow you to ignore safety requirements applied to the original drugs.
Generic manufacturers have to carry out their own research in order to approve the fact that active ingredients are safe and effective. However, the original vendor has already carried out the whole research, which is why there is no need to have a full check once again. However, generics are subject to scientific researches proving that they have same effect like original medicine.

Myth № 2
Generics are not so effective as brand named drug.
In order to get permission to sell generic drugs in certain country, companies are required to provide the relevant information about bioequivalence of generics compare to original. This means that generics must include the same ingredients and be as effective as brand named drugs.

Myth № 3
Generics work slower.
In order to get permission to sell generics in the certain countries, companies are required to provide confirmation that the medicine doesn’t differ from the original one in characteristic of active ingredients release – in other words, it is the speed of reach and length of exposure of certain active ingredients in the blood.

Myth № 4
Generics are produced by less reliable manufacturers. Therefore, they are cheaper than brand named drugs.
A number of generics are produced by companies that also produce brand named drugs. The production process is strictly regulated and all vendors should follow the same standards.